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We sell our product excusively to members of our wholesale team.

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Want to Buy From Us? Here's How:

If you are an Eyecare Professional with a retail dispensary, you can set up an online account to place orders. If you have questions, contact us by phone (802) 698-8457 or by email and let us know. We review all registration requests to make sure you meet those requirements.

If you meet all the criteria, or you are already a customer of ours but have never ordered online, you can set up your account which will allow you to add desired frames and quantities to your cart. Then, when you are ready, simply checkout to place your order.

After you place an online order we will review your order and notify you of any issues. We will then take care of everything else from our offices. All payments will be handled via invoicing from our office after an order is placed. You will not be charged on this website during checkout.